“As an artist and a life long fan of giant monsters, I have over the years been compelled to illustrate giant monsters now and again. Some movie monsters and some original creations but always with a unique perspective. So, after years of folks praising my crazy and wonderful artisitc style and suggesting I sell them. I did just that; I have begun a print series of my work and have made it a regular routine of releasing new art for the various conventions we attended.

You will find several different styles of prints in this series, like illustrations of established kaiju that are faithful to the source material like ‘King Klown’ and also variations on some of my favorite kaiju like ‘Viras' from the Gamera series.

I also like the challenge of tackling kaiju that have not been visually attempted before like ‘Amphibion' from Godzilla vs Amphibion (1976).

I also, probably more so love to create my own original and strange brand kaiju that are generally comical and absurd because thats just me haha. So, you'll find some from all these catagories available here for your enjoyment.”- Justynn Tyme