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5/2017 - 8/2017  
The Collectible Card Series
In 2013, we began the collectible card series that featured some of our original kaiju / giant monsters as well as some of the kaiju / giant monsters that have thrilled us over the years. Well, I was always backed up against the wall putting these together for each convention. That meant they were hurried and while the cards were good they weren’t great. The fans seemed to like them and we sold quite a lot. Still, I wasn’t happy with their current look and feel; I could do better. So, when things got hectic and the new ones were delayed. I saw that as an opportunity to reinvent them from scratch and the results have been encouraging. If you thought the current cards were good, the new cards will make you wet your pants.

New Zines
The kaiju / giant monster manuals we have been developing are becoming somewhat of a problem. I have shopped some of manual ideas around to other talented writers of various calibers but it didn’t go well. It seems that only two of us [Patrick and Justynn], are capable to writing the damn things. The rub in that is we’re both stacked to the gills developing other aspects of the A.O.M.R. project. I have about three started but when you can only get to them once or twice a month they don’t get anywhere. So until things ease up when other things are completed we will be able to devote more time to getting them planned out and finally written. However, smaller zines are in the works for a super secret project and in that way the zine series continue.

The Radio Play Series
The radio theater series, which is something I have been eagerly looking forward to, is progressing slowly but promisingly. I have been feverishly working on them at every opportunity. We had a number of writing round tables in the beginning which invaluable experiences. In the spring the first set of scripts made their way through the team to get input from everyone. They were shown to select friends of the All-Out Monster Revolt that heap great compliments upon them. As of last weekend 7/8/2017 three shows are nearing completion and another three are not far behind. Once all six are completed we will begin auditions of sorts.

The Album
Well, a couple of years ago—what?—I started working on an album tentatively called ‘Galaxy of Giants.’ I had to shelve it after the All-Out Monster Revolt experienced several large growth spurts. It looked as if I wouldn’t be able to get back to it for awhile. Suddenly, through a series of events I found myself listening to the last five I made prior to starting the All-Out Monster Revolt project. I was literally astounded by them and I couldn’t even recognize my own handiwork. Then it dawned on me that since 2014 I have been letting certain aspects of the All-Out Monster Revolt project dominate all my time simply because they were easier to do. However, they weren’t doing all that well with the fans and had becoming increasingly difficult. So I started moving things around and archiving others so I can get back to recording my own giant monster audio artistry which has proven time and time again popular with the fans.

The Game
I don’t remember the exact timing but either directly before or shortly after beginning the All-Out Monster Revolt Project, I bought several giant monster games—Monsterapocalypse, Godzilla Wars, and Godzilla Stomp. While I may have a dead zone in my head bone once in awhile; I am no ding-a-ling. I could not figure out how to play any of them. It’s why you haven’t seen any reviews of them in the magazine. It seemed to me that there was an element or two missing which was confirmed by more experienced gamers than myself. In retaliation, JM and I spent several months rewriting and simplifying the rules to Monsterapocalypse so we could at least play it. After awhile though, I gave up because I didn’t want to put all this effort into a failed game. It was then I decided to start creating my own which was later adopted as one of the things the All-Out Monster Revolt would under take. It is finally starting to take shape.

The Anthology
Well, as you probably noticed, if you have been following us since the beginning that our kaiju / giant monster anthology didn’t come out. It didn’t come in the winter of 2013, not in the spring of 2014, and not even the summer of 2015. It proved to have a formidable set of guidelines. We got almost ten stories that fit in various degrees but not the amount we needed to put an anthology together. Then during one of our many A.O.M.R. meetings at the beginning of the year JM came up with a brilliant solution. She suggested that we print the stories we did have in the magazine. I had purposely avoided this element because I didn’t want to replicate a certain other magazine. It turns out that other magazine seems to view the All-out Monster Revolt magazine as a salad bar. So, a great idea is a great idea and those should be fostered. We have published two stories already in issue 6 and issue 7 and when we run out we’ll seek more until we have enough for the anthology.

The Super Secret Thing
You know, sometimes it takes awhile for an idea to drop into the hole in your head. It gets stuck in the launching bay and can’t go bouncing around the bumpers and whirly-gigs racking up those high points. Then one day you tilt and everything falls into place. I had been seeing these “things” for awhile and I thought it was nifty idea. However, I couldn’t figure out how to make them work for us. Then hit me like brick. It was so simple and exciting. I know it’s not enough to just have kaiju / giant monsters no matter how awesomely they are portrayed. They have to have wild adventures, big battles, and interesting origins for fans to want a ticket for that wild ride. This new idea takes the place of three other separate ideas but so much more effectively. Right now I am talking to other “people” getting things lined up. Once all the parts are in there places that’s when we’ll have epic eruption on our hands.